Research Lab

 Lab CORES  - Laboratory of Social Computing and Network Analysis

Centre of Mathematical and Natural Sciences - CCMN

Av. Athos da Silveira Ramos, 274 - NCE

Zip Code: 21.941-916 - Cidade Universitária

Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil

Tel: +55  21 3938-3281

* Humans as sensors. Smarter beings for better cities * 

The CORES Lab (Laboratory of Social Computing and Social Network Analysis) conducts multidisciplinary research on monitoring, treatment, knowledge extraction and management of Big Social Data. 

Through social web, we can identify unprecedented levels of expertises, citizen engagement and participation. This data explosion has resulted in the emerging topic of “Big Social Data”. Big Social Data refers to large data volumes that relate to people interactions (with other people or things) or describe their behaviors, needs, and patterns. This data generates a cycle of knowledge creation, which can be useful to resolve problems in urban centers. From this social interaction, we can create more accurate knowledge about the city and its dynamics to support monitoring, surveillance and decision-making tasks of various kinds.